On Top of California

On Top of California
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tahoe Green, Water not Environment

Hate to say it, but Cars are destroying Lake Tahoe and no one wants to face that truth. it is really depressing to see this invasion of fossil-fuel-burning steel bundles of tourists who fill the air with awful acrid smoke that they then leave behind, it lingers over the water overnight getting absorbed, and day after day Lake Tahoe becomes more full of nitrates, the bluest clearest lake is turning green and murky before my eyes and it may cause me to Have to Move, AGAIN, like it or not, this kind of thing really gets to me. It Stinks since summer started from All The Frigging Cars. If I were in charge, I'd say, park them down the mountain and come up on trains or shuttles, but of course that won't happen. If i were a Washoe, my eyes would be burning. (Posted on Facebook, click my name to connect... )
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  • Kay Ebeling all i need is a grocery store, a post office, and a library. And a clean lake.

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