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Friday, June 12, 2015

WTF is Wrong with South Lake Tahoe?

Maybe it's too much 1 percent and then the scraps for the rest of us
Maybe it's too much Nevada, not enough California

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My landlord turned off my electricity in my apt last night on purpose, I knew he had done it he would not turn it back on, so I called police, they came, got him to admit he had "accidentally" bumped the breaker, he told me he'd been asleep. I am shaking this AM realizing how much danger they put me in, to be alone here In The Dark from 10 PM on last night, if I had not just called the freaking cops. WHY WHY WHY can't i ever have any peace? All I did was ask them to clean out the dryer ducts bk they are a fire hazard, and look what they did to me. I am being thrown out of here now, not them, I have to move.

To City Manager, City Attorney, South Lake Tahoe: (2 emails)
I will move as soon as I can, but you should know the horrible conditions under which the residents of 1---Emerald Bay Road are having to live. We have a manager who yells at us instead of doing any maintenance or repairs. The laundry room would be great except the drain and filters in the washer are Never Cleaned so when you wash, your laundry comes out dirtier than it was, with detritus from the other residents. The Dryer Has Never had its ducts cleaned out, it no longer dries, and I know that is a fire hazard.
There is a community kitchen, but it is only here to make the building legal under your code for SROs. It has never been cleaned in months, it is covered with grease and grime and undoubtedly is the home of many rodents. Fourteen households live here and no one can get the manager to do ten minutes of work. I put up with 20 minutes of verbal abuse from him today bk I tried to point out the fire hazard in the Dryers.
All the community areas are covered with dirt and show signs of years of neglect. Just because we are poor does not mean we deserve to live like this. I'm sure you would find numerous building code, health, safety, and fire violations here, and We All Need You To Come Out here and do something about where we have to live.
I am moving as soon as I can. I am a journalist and I am writing about my travels, can't wait to get to the part about South Lake Tahoe. I am also a crime victim with PTSD and these conditions are making me sicker. I know that is not your issue, but that is what is happening to new residents to Lake Tahoe. This building owner Never returns "cleaning deposits" either, so I am also about to be robbed, by moving.
PLEASE DO SOMETHING about the sub-standard, unhealthy, probably dangerous in more ways than I can imagine, conditions we live in at the Inn. I was running away from an abusive situation when I came here, and now I am in another one, from a landlord. Please Please Please do something, I have to live here 3 more months to get moving money together to leave, and I am afraid there will be a fire or some other condition develop because of the negligence NEGLIGENCE in the way this building is run.
Also I am afraid they will realize I am reporting this and will make it even more uncomfortable for me here.
Thank you for doing something, please.
Phone 530 =======
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To nkerry@cityofslt.us twatson@cityofslt.us Today at 7:16 AM
As I predicted, reporting the fire hazard and health and filth to my landlord got me seriously harassed. Last night at 10 PM he turned off the electricity in my apartment, then refused to turn it back on until after I called the police. The police who came were able to get him to admit that he had hit the breaker with his arm cutting off electricity to My Unit Only. Earlier, he and his wife screamed at me that he had been asleep when the electricity went off. They put me at great risk at age 67, no friends or relatives nearby, to be in the dark All Night, plus I would not have been able to do my job, which is done over the internet over night. They know that. They Retaliated Against Me for reporting the fire and health hazards and filth conditions in this SRO.
This is an update. They are also threatening eviction for I don't know what reason.
Meantime, they have not done ANYTHING about the ducts in the dryer, which are SO Clogged that nothing dries and this manager insists there is nothing wrong, my towel and blanket got ruined bk they were cheap.
They are throwing an old woman out with no place to go, rather than do needed maintenance.
Documenting for the world to read on Facebook and also on my blog.

I'm having SUch A Horrible Experience in Tahoe related to housing and hostile landlords who make their living by forcing people to move and then keeping their deposits. Obviously that is partly what is happening here. He does not want to invest a dime in the building, just keep getting people to move in, then move out three days later sacrificing all their move-in costs. I did not move right back out bk I am so Frigging lost and have nowhere else to go. . .

I'm vulnerable and under attack everywhere I go, I get robbed by corporate hoods. It's So Hard to be a broke old woman in America.


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