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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nice Town, kinda troglodyte

Did I move to the backwoods of Appalachia by accident?

Tahoe Man Celebrates Cop's Drug Bust, Cops Then Raid His Marijuana ...

SF Weekly (blog) - ‎Jun 3, 2015‎
As for the raid, it's not yet known what sheriff's deputies were looking for or exactly what they seized. Henry Wykowski, the dispensary's attorney, told SF Weekly on Tuesday that the search warrant has yet to be released, and that deputies have only said that a ...


A raid where the cops steal medicine that thousands of people rely on (and cash) and it rates one story (ONE STORY!!!) in the local paper with no follow-up

El Dorado County investigates Tahoe Wellness Cooperative

Tahoe Daily Tribune - ‎Jun 2, 2015‎
El Dorado County Sheriff's deputies launched an investigation on the Tahoe WellnessCooperative early Monday morning, forcing the business to close down for most of the day. In addition to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office, agents from the state's ...
See the third letter to editor date of story above, it's from me

  1. (especially in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave.
    • a hermit.
    • a person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.


My Letter to Editor is hard to find online. Here it is 

You’d think the sheriff would be on my side

I'm a violent sex crime victim suffering now decades later with PTSD. A lot of people who went through my experience are dead now because they commit suicide or develop illnesses one develops from a continuous onslaught on the nervous system.
I was lucky enough to live in San Francisco in 1995 when MedMJ was already legal within the city, so I learned that marijuana goes directly to the part of the brain and body affected by my PTSD and relieved it.  So I worked hard with thousands of other people to get the law changed and expect law enforcement to be there protecting me and supporting me.
But with the closure of Tahoe Wellness Center Monday, and El Dorado County sheriff seizing all the medication, I now no longer have safe and legal access to my medication. 
Oh I can go to any of the illegal sources I've already found in less than six months living in Tahoe without even looking, those guys even charge less, but I'm a law abiding citizen, and prefer to know where my medicine is coming from, prefer to get the strain that works best on my symptoms, and prefer that the money I spend each money is not going to some kind of criminal enterprise.
Which makes me wonder, what could be the motivation for the sheriff to close down a medical marijuana dispensary that has been open for six years without issues?
Where did the medicine go?
The thing I loved the most when marijuana first became legal in San Francisco was that SFPD stood outside the dispensaries To Protect Us.  For a sheriff to seize medical marijuana and make it unavailable to sick people is so troglodyte that I'm surprised to see it happen anywhere in California, but especially in South Lake Tahoe.
Veterans organizations are working to get medical marijuana covered as a treatment for PTSD, people like me need that medicine or we have triggers, we have horrible physical problems. 

How dare the sheriff of El Dorado County Sheriff interfere with my medical treatment in this way.  

(Edited some, not my best LTE, it was dashed off in a spate of rage returning home after schlepping IN PAIN to Wellness and finding they had no Sativa.  It's the Sativa strain that helps my PTSD, prevents triggers from happening. Highly recommended.) 

I don't know if the letter ran in the print edition, as after going all the way to the Wellness Center and back and returning without any Sativa, I am crippled in pain at home next two days.

Thanks, Sheriff.

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