On Top of California

On Top of California
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pics: City Council May 13, Lancaster

At beginning of hearing, I thought people were there, like me, enthused to hear latest on net-zero electric policy in Lancaster, as we go totally solar.
But by time hearing on electricity started, the room, below, was empty. 
Though AV Press announced hearing on Page 1 Monday, no one from daily paper was at the hearing about breakthrough new electricity policy. Below: Water in a time of drought. 
County water district, above, brings bleak news, plans for reclaiming and conserving, unless it rains in the desert soon, which I believe will happen. I think climate change is going to turn this area lush and green, China Lake may even go back to being a lake.

Ask this man about 
in your water

Lancaster moves forward with net zero solar electric policy.
Above is the team that did it. 

I love Lancaster. 
a city where people go out of their way 
to say they love Lancaster.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It is cool here. I think climate change is going to make the Mojave cool lush and green, I honestly do. Just planted a tomato plant, I have a plot of garden in my apt bldg now, going to grow a bunch of other stuff, while enjoying cool breezes as L.A. broils. hmm. 
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Open House, Lancaster Sheriff Station May 10

I went to Open House at Lancaster Sheriff station Saturday.

The whole idea of an open house 
at the sheriff station is so cool, 
I could not resist taking pics.  

It makes law enforcement part of the neighborhood. 

At right is our down home sheriff of Lancaster, Captain Patrick Nelson.

I was kinda sick, so did not get the best shots, but now I'm resting, as want to get good pics at City Council meeting here tomorrow night. -ke