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On Top of California
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Saturday, June 13, 2015

This Feels Really Good

Seventy Text Messages he sent me early Friday AM telling me I was going to be evicted that day. Then turns out what he did to me was not just awful, it was illegal. He spent the morning in court trying to get a "3-Day Quit" for me, but when I came home from the City Services office, there was no paper on my door. His body posture had changed, they stayed to themselves. I know that more is going to happen next week, and I have the whole city behind me. I'm free to roam the property, and they are cowering inside. This feels really good.
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  • Kay Ebeling I think they are running a scam. Trying to get me to move out in a rush so they can keep my rent this month plus my deposit. I've lived here 3 months and have watched at least five people move in, something awful happens, and they leave, and no one ever gets a deposit back. The owner is absent, uses Nitwit to do his dirty work, they thought I was a vulnerable little old lady who they could batter around. Guess What ha ha
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  • Kay Ebeling The guy makes several thousand a month extra by doing this to vulnerable people. I think they belong in jail, I think they should let the residents take possession of the building. We could run it like a Coop, we all get a profit-sharing bonus check at the end of the year if the building makes a profit, not some goon from out of state. 
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  • Kay Ebeling I am only 3 days into my rent cycle. They would have kept an entire month's rent plus my deposit, 11 hundred dollars. All they had to do is turn off my electricity and holler at me the way they did and I was making plans to move again, who cares about money. I was going to move into the El Dorado Casino Resort in Reno for 34 dollars a night bk of these people.
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  • Kay Ebeling instead i wrote a couple emails to the city, stay tuned
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Finding a forcefulness I never had ever before lately, must be funny to watch this bony old lady open her mouth and sound like a defense attorney, or something. It's got to do with no longer caring if someone likes what I have to say, it's saying what I have to say and if I see the person is upset, explaining why they should not be, bk this is about facing the truth and dealing with it head on. I think it has to do with current politics and the lessening of humor as things develop. It has to do with No Longer Putting Up With Anyone's Buillshit, no more Mr. Nice Guy, people used to say. I finally get it. There is no time for sentiment, buck up and do something. Forceful. It's even in my walk. hmm.

The part about the Scam COULD JUST BE FICTION, if there are any lawyers wanting to sue me for saying it, perhaps it is just a coincidence that people keep moving in and moving out again after an incident, and the residents who they stay in touch with after moving say no one has gotten a deposit back from the guy yet, so the landlord ends up making several thousand dollars extra each month,  IT COULD BE A FICTION STORY that it's a scam, maybe he even has several other properties where he does the same thing, I don't know. It could be my imagination.  It would make a good story. Hope that covers me. I am only postulating here, I'm just a little old lady with a blog.
-stay tuned

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