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On Top of California
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Surfing the chaos, continued

A lot of the people I meet here in Tahoe are the old hippies I thought I came here looking for, except they're still hippies.  The difference between us is I stopped being a hippie and a lot has happened since the 1970s.  So in Tahoe when I visit or go out, I hear a lot of reggae and oily blues music that I used to listen to, but today my YouTube playlist is full of electronica and Moby and soundtrack songs from CSI.

They still take LSD here too.  I even said to a guy, yeah I took a lot of LSD, but then at one point I realized, “I've gotten all I can out of this, I'm finished” and quit taking it.  He seemed to think that was an insult to him, I didn't mean it that way.  I wanted to go on and share my experiences living on a commune in Laguna with people who thought Timothy Leary was a kind of holy man and we took acid almost every day and to this day I have sensitivities that normal humans don't have because of those years because not only did we take LSD, but we then sat and meditated and prayed while on the drug, and the effect was phenomenal.  It gave me an overview of things that to this day is just how my brain works.  It also made me kind of not part of the rest of the human race, an effect that is much more obvious as I age. And age and age.

So I'm once again feeling like I have to move and then I tell myself, as do my friends on Facebook, you've found Paradise, who cares if you don't connect with most of your neighbors, that's going to be true wherever you go, especially now as you get old. 

Can’t wait to get into senior housing… at least I'll have a nicer apartment to be isolated in, or maybe finally I'll find others like me, maybe what I'm beginning to see is true.

Only the really smart people make it to old age.  If you are tired of your ignorant relatives who argue and drink too much, don't worry, they'll be gone soon and then you'll have your life to yourself.  

Learn to surf on top of the chaos...
Very true! No?
Happy Weekend Everyone!

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