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Friday, June 19, 2015

Can't believe I had to go through all that just to get a fire hazard off the property I am renting, but City of South Lake Tahoe response was wonderful, I am not moving. I have found the perfect place to stop. So I'm stopping here. Related post about being a Broke Old Lady needing housing here: http://cityofangels25.blogspot.com/2015/06/broke-old-ladies-emerging-demographic.html more to come.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

This Feels Really Good

Seventy Text Messages he sent me early Friday AM telling me I was going to be evicted that day. Then turns out what he did to me was not just awful, it was illegal. He spent the morning in court trying to get a "3-Day Quit" for me, but when I came home from the City Services office, there was no paper on my door. His body posture had changed, they stayed to themselves. I know that more is going to happen next week, and I have the whole city behind me. I'm free to roam the property, and they are cowering inside. This feels really good.
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  • Kay Ebeling I think they are running a scam. Trying to get me to move out in a rush so they can keep my rent this month plus my deposit. I've lived here 3 months and have watched at least five people move in, something awful happens, and they leave, and no one ever gets a deposit back. The owner is absent, uses Nitwit to do his dirty work, they thought I was a vulnerable little old lady who they could batter around. Guess What ha ha
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  • Kay Ebeling The guy makes several thousand a month extra by doing this to vulnerable people. I think they belong in jail, I think they should let the residents take possession of the building. We could run it like a Coop, we all get a profit-sharing bonus check at the end of the year if the building makes a profit, not some goon from out of state. 
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  • Kay Ebeling I am only 3 days into my rent cycle. They would have kept an entire month's rent plus my deposit, 11 hundred dollars. All they had to do is turn off my electricity and holler at me the way they did and I was making plans to move again, who cares about money. I was going to move into the El Dorado Casino Resort in Reno for 34 dollars a night bk of these people.
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  • Kay Ebeling instead i wrote a couple emails to the city, stay tuned
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Finding a forcefulness I never had ever before lately, must be funny to watch this bony old lady open her mouth and sound like a defense attorney, or something. It's got to do with no longer caring if someone likes what I have to say, it's saying what I have to say and if I see the person is upset, explaining why they should not be, bk this is about facing the truth and dealing with it head on. I think it has to do with current politics and the lessening of humor as things develop. It has to do with No Longer Putting Up With Anyone's Buillshit, no more Mr. Nice Guy, people used to say. I finally get it. There is no time for sentiment, buck up and do something. Forceful. It's even in my walk. hmm.

The part about the Scam COULD JUST BE FICTION, if there are any lawyers wanting to sue me for saying it, perhaps it is just a coincidence that people keep moving in and moving out again after an incident, and the residents who they stay in touch with after moving say no one has gotten a deposit back from the guy yet, so the landlord ends up making several thousand dollars extra each month,  IT COULD BE A FICTION STORY that it's a scam, maybe he even has several other properties where he does the same thing, I don't know. It could be my imagination.  It would make a good story. Hope that covers me. I am only postulating here, I'm just a little old lady with a blog.
-stay tuned

Friday, June 12, 2015

Things could be getting resolved, stay tuned

WTF is Wrong with South Lake Tahoe?

Maybe it's too much 1 percent and then the scraps for the rest of us
Maybe it's too much Nevada, not enough California

Posted onFacebook: 
My landlord turned off my electricity in my apt last night on purpose, I knew he had done it he would not turn it back on, so I called police, they came, got him to admit he had "accidentally" bumped the breaker, he told me he'd been asleep. I am shaking this AM realizing how much danger they put me in, to be alone here In The Dark from 10 PM on last night, if I had not just called the freaking cops. WHY WHY WHY can't i ever have any peace? All I did was ask them to clean out the dryer ducts bk they are a fire hazard, and look what they did to me. I am being thrown out of here now, not them, I have to move.

To City Manager, City Attorney, South Lake Tahoe: (2 emails)
I will move as soon as I can, but you should know the horrible conditions under which the residents of 1---Emerald Bay Road are having to live. We have a manager who yells at us instead of doing any maintenance or repairs. The laundry room would be great except the drain and filters in the washer are Never Cleaned so when you wash, your laundry comes out dirtier than it was, with detritus from the other residents. The Dryer Has Never had its ducts cleaned out, it no longer dries, and I know that is a fire hazard.
There is a community kitchen, but it is only here to make the building legal under your code for SROs. It has never been cleaned in months, it is covered with grease and grime and undoubtedly is the home of many rodents. Fourteen households live here and no one can get the manager to do ten minutes of work. I put up with 20 minutes of verbal abuse from him today bk I tried to point out the fire hazard in the Dryers.
All the community areas are covered with dirt and show signs of years of neglect. Just because we are poor does not mean we deserve to live like this. I'm sure you would find numerous building code, health, safety, and fire violations here, and We All Need You To Come Out here and do something about where we have to live.
I am moving as soon as I can. I am a journalist and I am writing about my travels, can't wait to get to the part about South Lake Tahoe. I am also a crime victim with PTSD and these conditions are making me sicker. I know that is not your issue, but that is what is happening to new residents to Lake Tahoe. This building owner Never returns "cleaning deposits" either, so I am also about to be robbed, by moving.
PLEASE DO SOMETHING about the sub-standard, unhealthy, probably dangerous in more ways than I can imagine, conditions we live in at the Inn. I was running away from an abusive situation when I came here, and now I am in another one, from a landlord. Please Please Please do something, I have to live here 3 more months to get moving money together to leave, and I am afraid there will be a fire or some other condition develop because of the negligence NEGLIGENCE in the way this building is run.
Also I am afraid they will realize I am reporting this and will make it even more uncomfortable for me here.
Thank you for doing something, please.
Phone 530 =======
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To nkerry@cityofslt.us twatson@cityofslt.us Today at 7:16 AM
As I predicted, reporting the fire hazard and health and filth to my landlord got me seriously harassed. Last night at 10 PM he turned off the electricity in my apartment, then refused to turn it back on until after I called the police. The police who came were able to get him to admit that he had hit the breaker with his arm cutting off electricity to My Unit Only. Earlier, he and his wife screamed at me that he had been asleep when the electricity went off. They put me at great risk at age 67, no friends or relatives nearby, to be in the dark All Night, plus I would not have been able to do my job, which is done over the internet over night. They know that. They Retaliated Against Me for reporting the fire and health hazards and filth conditions in this SRO.
This is an update. They are also threatening eviction for I don't know what reason.
Meantime, they have not done ANYTHING about the ducts in the dryer, which are SO Clogged that nothing dries and this manager insists there is nothing wrong, my towel and blanket got ruined bk they were cheap.
They are throwing an old woman out with no place to go, rather than do needed maintenance.
Documenting for the world to read on Facebook and also on my blog.

I'm having SUch A Horrible Experience in Tahoe related to housing and hostile landlords who make their living by forcing people to move and then keeping their deposits. Obviously that is partly what is happening here. He does not want to invest a dime in the building, just keep getting people to move in, then move out three days later sacrificing all their move-in costs. I did not move right back out bk I am so Frigging lost and have nowhere else to go. . .

I'm vulnerable and under attack everywhere I go, I get robbed by corporate hoods. It's So Hard to be a broke old woman in America.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Hate Rich People

I'm walking along Tahoe Boulevard from CVS to the library, happy to have moved here, then the sidewalk comes to an abrupt stop.  Where? In front of the exclusive private beach club hotel, of course. As I hobble along terrain that is more like the Pirates island at Disneyland than a downtown street, I holler at the top of my lungs, “I hate rich people.” But of course no one hears me due to all the traffic noise. Sigh. No wonder Randi Rhodes left the country. Well, as long as I am hiding in the woods , that's almost like leaving the country. Sigh. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What Mark Twain thought of Lake Tahoe:

'[Samuel] Clemens described Lake Tahoe as “a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the seas and walled in by a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks that towered aloft a full three thousand feet higher still! It is a vast oval, and one would have to use up eighty or a hundred good miles in traveling around it. As it lay there with the shadows of the mountains brilliantly photographed upon its still surface, I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole world affords.”

'After supper that night the boys broke out their pipes.  It was a glorious experience, “As the darkness closed down and the stars came out and spangled the great mirrors with jewels, we smoked meditatively in the solemn hush and forgot our troubles and pains.” 

'Clemens, known later, of course, as Mark Twain, ' would travel the world visiting the most famous sights, but he always considered Tahoe the most beautiful lake of all, the "masterpiece of the universe." '

From Sierra Stories True Tales of Tahoe Volume 2, by Mark McLaughlin 
Posted by Kay Ebeling
The City of Angels Is Everywhere

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nice Town, kinda troglodyte

Did I move to the backwoods of Appalachia by accident?

Tahoe Man Celebrates Cop's Drug Bust, Cops Then Raid His Marijuana ...

SF Weekly (blog) - ‎Jun 3, 2015‎
As for the raid, it's not yet known what sheriff's deputies were looking for or exactly what they seized. Henry Wykowski, the dispensary's attorney, told SF Weekly on Tuesday that the search warrant has yet to be released, and that deputies have only said that a ...


A raid where the cops steal medicine that thousands of people rely on (and cash) and it rates one story (ONE STORY!!!) in the local paper with no follow-up

El Dorado County investigates Tahoe Wellness Cooperative

Tahoe Daily Tribune - ‎Jun 2, 2015‎
El Dorado County Sheriff's deputies launched an investigation on the Tahoe WellnessCooperative early Monday morning, forcing the business to close down for most of the day. In addition to the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office, agents from the state's ...
See the third letter to editor date of story above, it's from me

  1. (especially in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave.
    • a hermit.
    • a person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.


My Letter to Editor is hard to find online. Here it is 

You’d think the sheriff would be on my side

I'm a violent sex crime victim suffering now decades later with PTSD. A lot of people who went through my experience are dead now because they commit suicide or develop illnesses one develops from a continuous onslaught on the nervous system.
I was lucky enough to live in San Francisco in 1995 when MedMJ was already legal within the city, so I learned that marijuana goes directly to the part of the brain and body affected by my PTSD and relieved it.  So I worked hard with thousands of other people to get the law changed and expect law enforcement to be there protecting me and supporting me.
But with the closure of Tahoe Wellness Center Monday, and El Dorado County sheriff seizing all the medication, I now no longer have safe and legal access to my medication. 
Oh I can go to any of the illegal sources I've already found in less than six months living in Tahoe without even looking, those guys even charge less, but I'm a law abiding citizen, and prefer to know where my medicine is coming from, prefer to get the strain that works best on my symptoms, and prefer that the money I spend each money is not going to some kind of criminal enterprise.
Which makes me wonder, what could be the motivation for the sheriff to close down a medical marijuana dispensary that has been open for six years without issues?
Where did the medicine go?
The thing I loved the most when marijuana first became legal in San Francisco was that SFPD stood outside the dispensaries To Protect Us.  For a sheriff to seize medical marijuana and make it unavailable to sick people is so troglodyte that I'm surprised to see it happen anywhere in California, but especially in South Lake Tahoe.
Veterans organizations are working to get medical marijuana covered as a treatment for PTSD, people like me need that medicine or we have triggers, we have horrible physical problems. 

How dare the sheriff of El Dorado County Sheriff interfere with my medical treatment in this way.  

(Edited some, not my best LTE, it was dashed off in a spate of rage returning home after schlepping IN PAIN to Wellness and finding they had no Sativa.  It's the Sativa strain that helps my PTSD, prevents triggers from happening. Highly recommended.) 

I don't know if the letter ran in the print edition, as after going all the way to the Wellness Center and back and returning without any Sativa, I am crippled in pain at home next two days.

Thanks, Sheriff.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I may have to rename this blog. "Environmental Collapse" would be a good title for what I keep finding as I move from town to town looking for a clean place to live...

Tahoe Green, Water not Environment

Hate to say it, but Cars are destroying Lake Tahoe and no one wants to face that truth. it is really depressing to see this invasion of fossil-fuel-burning steel bundles of tourists who fill the air with awful acrid smoke that they then leave behind, it lingers over the water overnight getting absorbed, and day after day Lake Tahoe becomes more full of nitrates, the bluest clearest lake is turning green and murky before my eyes and it may cause me to Have to Move, AGAIN, like it or not, this kind of thing really gets to me. It Stinks since summer started from All The Frigging Cars. If I were in charge, I'd say, park them down the mountain and come up on trains or shuttles, but of course that won't happen. If i were a Washoe, my eyes would be burning. (Posted on Facebook, click my name to connect... )
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  • Kay Ebeling all i need is a grocery store, a post office, and a library. And a clean lake.