On Top of California

On Top of California
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feng Something

Mojave Apartment Cloister
I'm doing Feng Shui with my apartment and with myself.

Start with an empty room and keep it empty until you figure out what you're going to need where. Then find one item of furniture at a time and leave it alone for as long as it takes to know exactly which direction it should face.  Eventually the function of the room and windows and furniture all work together as you've used Feng Shui.  Everything has a symmetry, and symmetry brings calmness.

That's what I need to do with myself, find symmetry and calmness. 

The rooms are empty in this apartment in Lancaster for now.  I can watch sunlight dance in the trees just outside.  Throughout the day I go from window to window adjusting the blinds to change the way the light falls in.  You get a clear sky full of sun every day in this part of the world, the High Desert above L.A., last stop on the Antelope Valley Metrolink where I now live.

Now to figure out which way the light falls.
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