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On Top of California
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Apocalyptic Visions Look Good for Lancaster in the Future

I want to believe I made the right decision moving here, even though I can't convince my daughter to ride the train two hours up to visit me.  So I grasp onto my apocalyptic visions that are likely imaginary, but they help me justify ending up here.

I think the climate havoc we are about to go through is going to be good for Lancaster, CA.  When whatever is about to happen is over, could be the oceans will have risen so high, a lot of L.A. will be underwater, but here in the High Desert, we will be safe.

I hope.

Since moving here, I've been doing research.  Seems as recently as 300 years ago the area around Lancaster was lush farmland. An archaeologist at NASA Dryden close by says the tools and dental remains they find of previous civilizations on this land show the previous population were farmers. Their teeth show they ate plants, their tools show they practiced agriculture.

Then the Spanish missionaries rounded them up and took them all to San Fernando, around the time the land turned to desert, which was apparently only 300 years ago, according to local history.

That's why when you add water to the dirt here, it becomes lush, and beautiful flowers and vegetables grow.  You just need water.

Flowers in my Lancaster apartment complex yard
Well if desalinization and melting ice caps are in the Earth's future, then it could be that Lancaster will become rich farm land.

Hope my daughter makes it up here by then.


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