On Top of California

On Top of California
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

So much shallowness around such a deep lake

I've been a Californian since 1955 and I'm angry at what locals have let happen to Lake Tahoe.  It's all about making a quick buck off the lake, no one is talking about all the damage being done to the lake by fossil fuel burning engines going off everywhere here. 

Someone smart should have made this place pristine and set it aside a century ago, but today they only make national monuments out of places that don't have profit potential. 

Now with this annual invasion of the automobile called Summer, as a Person From Nowhere watching this from the woods, it makes me very sad.  

There are hundreds of empty houses here while people have no place to live. The owners salivate and they only care about outsiders coming with credit cards. The Owners put all their attention on the fast buck they can make off the lake, while the lake itself ceases to be beautiful, just becomes a "vacation destination" that makes money for one percenters who live in other states, or even other countries.  

So while the water turns more green every day, and the fish in it become toxic, you can buy dollar beer in a plastic cup at the Commons. 

Where can a Human go? 

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