On Top of California

On Top of California
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Last Look At Lancaster

Out my window, most nights, I'd see a homeless guy in a wheelchair sleeping between the former veterans med clinic and other vacant office buildings on Lancaster Blvd. My last night before moving to Tahoe, he was there, and as I stuck my camera, discreetly, out the window, he got up and peed a few feet from where he was sleeping, then got back in his chair covered himself with his blanket, and went back to sleep.  Then next morning a group of workers parked in same spot, and sat to take a break in the same spot where the homeless guy peed.  So Long, Lancaster.

Here is the Last Look at Lancaster sequence of still shots:

He's there again, sleeping, as I've seen so many nights before.

Wait, he's waking up.

Hope he does not see me, shooting from between my blinds, what is he doing?

Oh no, I've seen him do this before. He gets up and pees by those pipes, then gets back on his chair and goes back to sleep.

He takes a looooong pee,

Then heads back to his chair to sleep some more..

Next AM Workers on Break Sit in Same Spot!

And I am OUTTA HERE!  Drove a U-Haul to Tahoe two days later, changing my life.


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